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I'm here to help you compose and produce the perfect music for your project - be it a video game, podcast or movie.


Listen to my work, learn about the process and get in contact. 


Let's create together,

Michael Steinkellner


All songs composed and mixed by Michael Steinkellner

The Process

  • Let me know what you want to achieve with your project, the vision and what feeling you want to create with the music.
    Add an example of the vibe and style you're aiming for!
  • Based on your ideas I will create three custom composed pieces of music for you. You pick the piece that best suits your vision.
  • Based on your favourite piece, I compose different variations for you to make the final pick. You can add your feedback during the whole process.
  • I mix your final choice and deliver a product that will immerse your audience 
    and make you happy!


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