Seidkona: a Tale of Death and Dice

Take on the role of a Seidkona, the name given to ancient shamans who cast dice to seal the fate of their enemies.

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Watch a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the Magic Sounds for this project:

Ludum dare 47 Game jam

Take on the role of an ordinary government worker who has lived most of her live with the knowledge that she has been IN THE LOOP about information that is not accessible to the public. After finding a shocking correspondence from her superiors that revealed to her how much she did not know about, she decided to act!

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Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam

In this online Game Jam, we made a funny game about the stressful life of a Youtuber.

Feel free to play MyTube or download the soundtrack

Screenshots by Sebastian Uitz,

Global Game JAm 2020

31. January - 2. February I participated in the Global Game Jam in Graz, where I helped produce two games in 48 hours.

Feel free to play them: 

"Bee a Hero" (playable in browser)

"Worldclock" (windows-only)

Photos by Matthias Rauch,