I was born on 4th of November 1982 in Judenburg. I spent my childhood years growing up in a small village, spending a lot of time in the woods around our house, which I still enjoy until this day. 


As a child I had a great passion for chemical experiments, reading science books and computers. We had a cheap keyboard standing around, which was my first connection to making music. I’m a 90s kid, so I have fond memories of playing Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle , GTA and Final Fantasy VII. I started programming basic and writing batch files in MS-DOS.


My next step was to go to an IT college in Kaindorf/Sulm, when I was 15. I learned a lot and made friends which I’m deeply connected to up to this day. One friend inspired me to learn playing guitar, learn songs and sing… a lot. I ended up founding my own band. Immediately we tried to record our music on a 4-track recorder on cassettes, which were widely used during this time. Later I bought a 24-bit HD recorder and after that a computer with an audio interface and Ableton Live. I had no idea how to use all these tools properly and thought, if you hook up some cables and microphones, you get a good record, which didn’t really work out. So with later bands I went into recording studios to get the job done. Computer games from this era: Need For Speed, Decent, Doom, Apache Helicopter, Half-Life.


After graduating from IT school I found that something was missing in my life. I was curious about everything, but I had very small knowledge of how humans and society work, so this was driving me to study social work in Graz. I happened to learn a lot there too: psychology, philosophy, communication, leadership (working in the students union) and counselling. It was a great way for personal grow, but no time for playing computer games. Music-wise I changed from playing guitar to bass guitar during this time. I spent a year at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. 


At the end of university, I met my wife and shortly after graduating we got our daughter Fenia. I had the luxury to take a lot of time off for child care, which I can highly recommend. And I was playing in a great band called Collector Base Emitter. Unfortunately the band leader thought, that having kids and playing in a band aren’t compatible and threw me out of the band. It really hurt a lot and playing bass guitar alone wasn’t that fulfilling. This led to a longer phase without making music, which I dedicated to my family. We moved to the place where I grew up and got our son Juri. Being in the nature with my family was awesome. This time was dedicated to changing diapers, doing housework, playing with my kids and working in the garden. I returned to playing computer games, and enjoyed Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham Asylum a lot. 


Later I started to work as social worker and mental health counsellor. My job is helping people deal with all kinds of problems, like depression, anxiety, burnout and crisis. These interactions are deeply personal and I learn a lot about life stories, what to do in your life, what to avoid and how to deal with difficult situations. 


Despite having an amazing family and a great job, making music was missing in my life. I started to play the piano, which is an awesome solo instrument. I started producing electronic music. I returned to recording. This time I really started to understand what I was doing, thanks to the internet and people who put out great learning resources, like edmprod.com, recordingrevolution.com, and Mike Senior’s and Mike Stavrou’s books, which are invaluable. I still love playing computer games and the market grew incredibly in the last years. These games left the biggest impression on me: Portal, Rocket League, Assassin’s Creed, The Stanley Parable, Undertale, The Witness.


Now I’m doing a lot of music production und sound design for computer games. Thanks to new tools it is possible for more and more people to learn how to create games and making their ideas a reality. I’m happy to be part of it.